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INORI is out now!

    <iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 442px;" src="" seamless=""><a href="">INORI by Yukiko Tsutsui</a></iframe></p><h6><a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="162" height="46" /></a> <a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="135" height="51" /></a></h6><h6>Release date: September 18, 2020</h6><p>Music, lyrics, vocals, keyboard – Yukiko Tsutsui <br />Guitar, vocals – Donné Roberts <br />Bass – Drew Birston <br />Drums, percussion – Daddy Ny Andrisoa
Produced by Yukiko Tsutsui & Donné Roberts
Mixed and mastering – Ny Andrisoa Studio Special thanks to Sarah Calvert for editing English lyrics (Japanese) めぐる月日を 一つ一つ数え
変わりゆくふるさとを 遠く遠く思う エンヤ エンヤ エンヤ エンヤ
海越え遥かこの声 届けたもれ 寄せては返す 波に心預け
晴れ渡る大地に 深く祈り捧ぐ エンヤ エンヤ エンヤ エンヤ
海越え遥かこの声 届けたもれ エンヤ エンヤ エンヤ エンヤ
海越え遥かこの声 届けたもうれ   (English translation) I count the seasons, that circle round slowly one by one
Send my thoughts to my hometown, far away, far away Enya, enya… Please deliver my voice over the vast ocean I lay my heart on the sea’s waves which come and go, come and go
Pray deeply to the land under the sunny sky Enya, enya… Please deliver my voice over the vast ocean Enya, enya…

Songs & Production Stories

初恋 (First Love)
魚座の男 (Pisces Man)
September Flame
グラス (Glass)
虹の橋 (The Rainbow Bridge)
29日の月 (Waiting For The New Moon)
コーヒーソング (Coffee Song)
オンリーロンリープラネット (Only Lonely Planet)
Happy Mother’s Day
Shut Up
太陽の国 (The Eastern End)
曇り窓の雪 (The Snow)
炭火焼ブルース (Chargrilled Blues)
12月の虹 (A Rainbow in December)
シーソー (The Seesaw)
小さな願い (Small Wishes)
雨音 (Sound of Rain) 追いかけるもの (Chase)
話をきくよ (I’ll Listen To You)
新しい街 (New Town)
7th of July
遠きシマ (The Island)
どんな気持ちでも (Whatever I Feel)
For Lena (1916-2009)
The World Could Change
兵士へのララバイ (A Lullaby For A Soldier)
君のいないHoliday (Holiday Without You)
かけら (Fragments)
You Don’t Ask Me Why
故郷 (Hometown)
She Learned
Oh Canada

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